Assessment of threats and priorities for conservation


To save species, first we need to understand how and where the bird species are threatened.

First it is necessary to establish which species are at which risks: What is the species’ degree of threat? What is the population decline for the species? Why is it disappearing and what are the risks that could bring it to extinction? How is the species is in a certain region? Where has it already disappeared? This assessment is necessary to set priorities, identify emergencies, and prevent extinctions.

Parque das Aves recently became the Center of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission for Brazil. One of the Center’s main objectives will be to create or support the creation of Red Lists as part of the Global Red List of Threatened Species. The Center will be available for any effort to ensure that institutions can develop their regional red lists as part of the Global Red List.

Parque das Aves works to create Regional Red Lists and in 2018 it revised the Red List of Threatened Birds of Paraná State in partnership with HORI, IAP, and SEMA in a process that lasted a year.

Parque das Aves also works in various ways to build diagnoses on the status and threats of Atlantic Rainforest birds.

We participate in the censuses of birds, maintain an observatory of Atlantic Rainforest birds, and we work with attitude diagnosis of people working in the field of Social Sciences.

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