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Reproduction For Conservation

Our affection towards animals also makes room for the cycle of life. The Parque das Aves successfully participates in projects for reproduction of new generations, so much so that 43% of birds you know in the Park were born through this care.

Once recovered, we try to give the birds which come to us to a healthy life full of stimuli, living with individuals from their own and from other species and, whenever possible, to find them a partner so they can reproduce.

Over the years, we have specialized in reproducing endangered and vulnerable species, so much so that, nowadays, the Parque das Aves is a partner of the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP) on a project to return Black-fronted Piping-guans to nature in a protected reserve. We were also invited to implement and coordinate the national under human care breeding programs of the Red-tailed Parrot and the Vinaceous Amazon; besides being an important center of reproduction for the Red-billed Curassow, a species estimated to amount to only 250 individuals still in nature. We are also successful reproducing threatened and vulnerable species that are not native to Brazil, such as, for example, the Chilean flamingo and the Crane.

One of the most important strategies in reproduction for conservation is to work with species that are not yet endangered, but that suffer great pressure from poaching, trafficking and habitat destruction. We develop and test reproduction techniques for these species, which helps us to gain experience and to develop research with animals whose breeding under human care is still a challenge.

At the Parque das Aves, we give preference to the process of Natural Breeding, which consists in letting the parents incubate their eggs and raise their chicks in a natural way, with minimal human interference. For this, we offer nests and similar habitat elements to the natural ones. The hatching of the eggs and breeding of chicks by their parents improves the immune condition of the young and allows them to learn natural species behavior.

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