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The Department

As a Conservation Centre for birds from the Atlantic Rainforest, Parque das Aves, develops actions for research, conservation, leisure and education, promoting a connection between our visitors and nature. Believing in the potential of education for conservation, the institution has an Environmental Education Department, which develops educational activities for distinct publics, especially primary school students from Foz do Iguaçu and municipalities adjacent to the National Park of Iguaçu, as well as teachers through processes of continuous training in environmental education.

The schools are offered monitored visits with a wide range of subjects, approaches and educational strategies, allowing a significant experience for kids and teenagers. Annually, the park has around 30 thousand students participating in the activities elaborated by the educators from the department.

Our monitored visits:


Besides the schools, our visitors also get to participate in the exhibits and educational interactions inside the Park and in allocated spaces in Foz do Iguaçu, bringing the institution's mission close to the local community. Such educational initiatives contribute for a change in values and attitude through the enchantment of children and adults, furthermore engaging them in the for the conservation of the fauna, especially from the Atlantic Forest./p>

Get to know our educational initiatives and participate! We look forward to seeing you!

To get in touch with us, send an e-mail to edu@parquedasaves.com.br



Environmental Education’s Mission

Contribute for the enchantment and to form public's opinion in favour of conservation of biodiversity, specially the fauna and flora of the Atlantic’s rainforest biome, through significant experiences that aim to stimulate knowledge, values and active participation in the community.

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