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Projects Supported

The Parque das Aves develops their own research projects, but also offers technical and financial aid to projects developed throughout Brazil. Check out some of the supported projects:



We are partners of the Brazilian Institute of Biodiversity Conservation — ICMBio — in the implementation of National Action Plans for Threatened Species.

National Action Plan for Conservation of Parrots of the Atlantic Rainforest

We are responsible for fundraising, in Brazil and abroad, in order to implement regional awareness campaigns for conservation of the target species of the National Action Plan for Conservation of Parrots of the Atlantic Rainforest. We were also invited to develop, initiate and coordinate captive breeding programs for the red-tailed amazon and the vinaceous amazon.

National Action Plan for Conservation of Spix's Macaw

The Parque das Aves is a member of the Advisory Group for the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Conservation of the Spix's macaw, in addition to being a collaborator in actions for the handling of the population of these birds under human care and for the reintroduction of the species in the wild.

Project Carnivores of Iguaçu

Whenever requested, we provide technical support to the Project Carnivores of Iguaçu, developed by the ICMBio in the Iguazu National Park.



The Parque das Aves provides financial help to research projects of biodiversity conservation:

Blue-fronted amazon Project

Developed in Mato Grosso do Sul by Dr. Gláucia Seixas, the Parque das Aves collaborates with its funding since 1997.

Population dynamics of mammals along a gradient of habitat change in the region of Iguassu National Park and its surroundings.

Doctorate project conducted by the researcher Anne-Sophie Bertrand.



1st International Symposium on Conservation of Birds

Held in the year 2012 in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. The event included 16 speakers from Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and United States.

39th Congress of the Society of Zoos and Aquariums from Brazil

Will be held in 2015.

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