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Education in the Community

We prioritize projects with the local population and partnerships with institutions, local and regional networks, in order to sensitize the public for a fairer and sustainable society. The Parque das Aves has developed several community projects, among them:

The Parque das Aves at school:

The Parque das Aves helped transform the school Parigot de Souza into a more pleasant and healthier space, by planting a garden, trees and a very special vegetable garden! The whole process was conducted with the students' effective participation. We believe that the experiences and the contact with the earth and the plants provide an important transformation in the appreciation of the environment, collective activities and cooperation in everyday life. The project addresses permaculture - integrating plants, construction and people in a productive environment, with aesthetics and harmony.

Humming-birds of Joy:

Humming-birds are birds that symbolize perseverance, the will to make a difference and to do good. Therefore, we chose this name for the actions we have developed with patients of the Oncology Center of Hospital Ministro Costa Cavalcanti . Playful activities promote generous smiles that open up new ways of looking at the details of life, relationships, motivation, and affection.

Foz do Iguassu Education Collective:

We are partners and participants of this group, formed by over 15 institutions, including private, public and civil. Regular meetings are held to align shared activities with other sectors of society, through participatory methodologies for improvement of environmental educators, always in dialogue about the importance of environmental education in pursuit of sustainability in social, environmental, economic and cultural issues.

Environment Week:

The Parque das Aves is a partner of Environment Week in Foz do Iguassu and performs environmental awareness activities for thousands of people at various points in the city, such as the Urban Transport Terminal and Monjolo Park. The Park also lets in for free about 3 thousand locals for the opening of Environment Week. We call this special day: "The Parque das Aves is from Foz".

Appreciation of Indigenous Culture:

In Environment Week, the Parque das Aves included some activities with the theme "Appreciation of Indigenous Culture". In partnership with the Foz Education Collective at the Bosque Guarani Municipal Zoo, we invited guarani indigenous students of Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) for a morning of learning with students from public schools of Foz do Iguassu.

National Week of People with Disability:

In partnership with the Department of Special Education and other institutions from Foz do Iguaçu, the Parque das Aves supports the National Week of People with Disabilities. Headlined by the special needs institutions, the week is dedicated to a special program that delights the staff and the visitors of the Park. Among the activities we have cultural presentations, exhibition of craftwork and lots of positive energy. The Park also offers informative materials for the institutions to distribute in their parallel programs.

Children's day:

Every year, in October, the Parque das Aves is more colorful! It's spring season, time of the hatching of chicks, of the national day of birds, of the anniversary of the Park's opening and children's day! We always receive many children on this day, providing experiences of joy, with lots of delicious and fun surprises! The children from municipal schools who visit us are also offered with a special program all week long.

Bird's Christmas:

We always close December with the Bird's Christmas. There are two moments of celebration: one for the staff of the Park and their children and another for special groups, such as orphans or children in situation of social vulnerability. In 2013, we made the Bird's Christmas with participants of the project Hummingbirds of Joy. We believe that, out of solidarity and affection, people can reflect more about the values of life, respecting themselves, others and the environment.

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