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Iguassu Macaws

One of the symbols of Brazilian fauna, the red-and-green macaw can be found in several regions of Brazil, but, unfortunately, she is increasingly rare in the State of Paraná, and extinct in the region of Foz do Iguassu. The Parque das Aves, as an institution of research and conservation, has developed the Iguassu Macaws project, a pioneer study in reintroduction of parrots in Brazil. The project aims to develop, test and refine methods of rehabilitation and reintroduction for the red-and-green macaw in Foz do Iguassu.

Our goals are: reestablish the population of this beautiful native and locally extinct species; contribute for the improvement of natural environments of the region; sensitize the population regarding conservation of biodiversity issues; generate information that may contribute to future projects of reintroduction of other threatened parrots and macaws, such as the Spix's macaw. The project is in an assessment phase by IBAMA and includes the participation of renowned national and international experts:

  • Dr. Cristina Miyaki — IB-USP
  • Dr. Gláucia Helena Fernandes Seixas — Blue-fronted Amazon Project/Neotropical Foundation
  • Dr. José Flávio Cândido Júnior — UNIOESTE
  • Dr. Neiva Guedes — Blue Macaw Institute - Anhanguera UNIDERP
  • Pedro Scherer Neto, M. Sc. or Me. — Capão da Imbuia's Natural History Museum
  • Thomas White, PhD — US Fish and Wildlife Service

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