The red-and-green macaw is one of the symbols of Brazilian fauna. The Parque das Aves works together with international experts for the conservation of the species, extinct in the region of Foz do Iguassu. The project aims to reintroduce the red-and-green

The Parque das Aves has the largest colony of toucans and toucanets in the world and develops care and research for the conservation of these species. Discover how we take care of some of the most charming birds in Brazil.

The Psittacidae family includes macaws, parrots and parakeets; it is also one of the most endangered groups in the world. The Park develops research for the conservation of species and contributes to projects developed in the wild.


Besides its own projects, the Parque das Aves also assists and finances research projects throughout Brazil. Get to know other projects that are friends of the Park and nature.


The Parque das Aves develops projects with the community and, in partnership with local and regional institutions, works for a more just and sustainable society.