Job opportunity:
Head of Conservation

Parque das Aves is a zoo and centre for integrated conservation of birds of the Atlantic Forest with 820,000 visitors a year.

Parque das Aves has been extensively restructured over the last year in order to leverage all activities, teams and fields of expertise in a number of disciplines in favour of conservation of birds of the Atlantic Forest who are undergoing a silent and little-known survival crisis. There are 121 endangered taxa of Atlantic Rainforest bird including 26 CR taxa (mostly species), the majority of which have no species-specific conservation action. We changed everything we do in order to make a difference in this scenario and create a shared future with these species.

This role can create significant impact in the conservation of Atlantic Rainforest species. We are looking for a people person and an experienced strategist. Parque das Aves has fantastic conservation biology staff with detailed knowledge of the biome and its birds, and great people and practices across animal behaviour, husbandry, veterinary services and research as well as education, communication and engagement. While our preference would be for a Brazilian national, and, in any case, for someone with some experience of conservation scenarios in Brazil, we have chosen to search globally for this position. We are seeking a diplomat, a mediator and someone who is good at practical, good cost-benefit solutions and able to dig through an array of options to create strategy, someone who can pull together lots of our potential strengths and multidisciplinary inputs as an institution, build bridges and unite people and institutions, put together a great plan and foster it.

Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil.

Competitive and in accordance with experience.

Your role:

  • Head of strategic planning in integrated conservation of birds of the Atlantic Rainforest for Parque das Aves
    • Methodology integrates in-situ and ex-situ, integrates cooperation of multiple institutions, and generates multiple outputs across disciplines, firmly based on the objective of preventing extinction and improving status of species. 
    • The Chief of Conservation leads a nucleus of conservation staff, supervises Parque das Aves field projects and facilitates conservation action across all departments and divisions of Parque das Aves (for example, visitor experience, education, communications, retail, as well as husbandry, veterinary sector, nutrition and research)
  • Supervision of Species Watch: Evaluation of status of species of birds of the Atlantic Rainforest and aggregation of data as a basis for diagnosis of species needs and impact measurement
  • Conservation solutions mediator
  • Establish effective networks of cooperation with internal and external conservation stakeholders


  • PhD in Conservation Biology, Ecology, Zoology or related field highly desirable
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English highly desirable; fluency in Spanish desirable.
  • Extensive experience in conservation planning
  • At least five years of Project management
  • Proven ability to lead a team
  • Excellent listener
  • Highly diplomatic individual skilled at building bridges, building and cultivating effective relationships with others, inclusion and facilitating solutions.

Further desirable characteristics:

  • Ability to maintain focus on improving the status of species as principal objective
  • Able to sensibly evaluate numerous ways of achieving impactful outcomes and identify high cost-benefit solutions
  • Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in order to achieve the above.
  • Interest in impact-oriented and measured conservation education and community engagement methods desirable
  • Interest in ecosystem function of species
  • Interest in impact measurement for conservation outcomes
  • Previous experience in fundraising desirable.
  • Ability to strategically manage a budget
  • Previous field experience is desirable
  • Experience in species conservation highly desirable

Contact for further enquiries and submission of CVs: Emails should be titled ‘Head of Conservation’ and sent to

Deadline for submissions: 11th of August 2018.

Examples of key activities: These will be amplified and amended in accordance with strategic demand

  • Parque das Aves is the headquarters of CPSG Brazil. As such, the Chief of Conservation is the principal CPSG liaison. 
  • Represent Parque das Aves on advisory councils or within workshops of National Action Plans for conservation of bird taxon groups as necessary and/or liaise with ICMBio/Ministry of the Environment as necessary; ensure execution of commitments within National Action Plans.
  • Continuous monitoring of best practice in conservation methodology and tools worldwide
  • Promoting use of useful conservation planning tools amongst key Parque das Aves staff.
  • Implementation of conservation impact measurement. Make conservation impact accessible and transparent.
  • Create understanding of conservation objectives and impact amongst staff; all are conservation stakeholders.
  • Convening of courses, symposia and congresses to promote best practice in conservation in favour of birds of the Atlantic Rainforest
  • Species Watch supervision; this includes supervision of the core Species Watch program as well as Parque das Aves’ work creating Red Lists for birds of Atlantic Rainforest states.
  • Supervision of multiple field projects run by Parque das Aves (via field coordinators)
  • Publication, implementation and supervision of clear quality guidelines for Parque das Aves’ own field projects and sponsored field projects: Methodology/best practice.
  • Collaborate with conservation education sector, and collaboratively implement standards, effective methodology and execution plans in situ and ex-situ within Parque das Aves.
  • Frequent interdepartmental /multidisciplinary meetings to aggregate value, cost-benefit and multidisciplinary outputs in situ and ex situ. 
  • Analysis of institutional strengths and weaknesses and potential multidisciplinary contributions; strategic planning in accordance with these.
  • Conservation biology sector growth in accordance with strategic utility, cost-benefit and budget
  • Build formal inter-institutional partnerships in accordance with strategic utility within specific conservation objectives
  • Fundraising and advocacy for field projects
  • Managing budgets and thinking in terms of high cost-benefit in order to maximise impact
  • Cultivate excellent relationships with all stakeholders: Directors, all sector heads, all divisions, and external stakeholders. 
  • Frequent liaisons with communications department in order to communicate actions and results in suitable formats. 
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