When the Guarani receive a visitor in their village, first, they hold a ceremony, involving dance, food and the tobacco ritual. Only afterwards do they converse and get to know each other.

Through Forest Experience, the Guarani invite you to live this experience, briefly immersing yourself in their culture, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, at night, around a bonfire, accompanied by a traditional dinner shared with them.

Every night is different because the celebration takes place according to what the Guarani are feeling, in harmony with the group since this is a participative experience. Come with an open mind and be prepared to experience a magical night unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Participation strictly limited and only available only two nights a week.

Languages: Portuguese and English
Availability: Tuesday and Thursdays
Time:Half an hour before sunset; currently 6 pm
Duration: 2 ½ hours
Price: R$ 250 per person


What is Forest Experience?
Forest Experience is an evening of Guarani culture, involving a traditional welcome ceremony, dance, food and the tobacco ritual. It is held in the forest of Parque das Aves with the Guarani-Mbya, who live in the Jacy Porã community, located in the forest on the other side of the Iguassu River, in Argentina.

What happens during the experience?
The experience is slightly different each tiem, but it always starts with a reception in a space specially designed to provide our visitors a comfortable and warm reception.

Take in the beauty of the forest around you while enjoying drinks (one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic) as well as an appetizer, all based on the Guarani culture. While enjoying your drink and your appetizer, your hostess on this special evening will give you instructions on how you should behave during the ceremony.

After this small introduction, you will be invited to sit around a bonfire.

You will listen to music and witness dance rituals, and then be invited to participate in key moments while dinner is being prepared in a close-by campfire, carefully prepared with issues of hygiene and food freshness always first. You will also have at your disposal cold drinks (water and fruit juice of the season).

When the experience is nearing its end, the Guaranis will say goodbye and we will return through the same trail towards the exit of Parque das Aves. The hostess will accompany the group at all times, for your comfort and safety.

Who can participate?
The experience is only suitable for customers over 18, but 16- and 17-year-old teens can also participate if they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Where does the money go?
This is a not-for-profit community support project by Parque das Aves. The objective is to provide an important source of income for the Guarani community and help sustain and strengthen the Guarani culture, creating greater respect and visibility for the Guarani within the tourist panorama of Foz do Iguaçu. The money collected returns to the village in two ways: when participating in the Forest Experience, each Guarani receives a payment, and part of the money collected is deposited in a Guarani Fund, specially developed for the money to be used, for example, in the construction of clean water sources, setting up shelters for community meetings, or even buying a car for the village. The village members have full autonomy to determine how the money form the Guarani Fund will be used.

To learn more about the Guarani, visit this link.


The experience you are about to have is real, and only happening because the Guarani are willing to share it with you. Respect the ceremonials and participate in the activities suggested by them with attention and respect. This will give you and incredible and very remarkable experience. Participation in any activity is not mandatory, as long as you decline it with respect.


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