Dr. Anna-Sophie Croukamp General Director
Dra. Carmel Croukamp Davies General Director
Oliver Davies Chief Financial Officer and Manager of Environmental Education Department
Jurema Fernandes Administrative Director
Paloma Lucin Bosso Technical Director
John Leggatt Conselheiro
Karin Wanda Wolf Commercial and Marketing Manager
Sandra Pereira Grego Shop and Restaurant General Manager
Mathias Dislich Chief of the Research Division
Candice Ourique de Almeida Human Resources Manager
Leoni dos Anjos Manfrin Ticket-office Manager
Cícero Santos Luccas Maintenance and Construction Manager
Ligia Rigoleto Oliva Chief of the Veterinary Division
Henrique Tavares Chief of the Animal Nutrition Division
Sueli Aparecida Freire Purchaser
Melissa Correa Communications Manager
Amarildo Roque Alves Gardening Supervisor
Eliete Freitas Coelho In charge of cleaning
Camila Martins Environmental Education Coordinator
Bernardete de Lurdes Pessatto Frassão Business Analyst
Roberta Biasoto Manacero Enrichment Supervisor
Jessica Yamila Leiva Wandscheer Special Programs Manager
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