Main Attractions

Pantanal Aviary

The Pantanal is the largest floodable plain of the world, being home to several species of animals. In the Parque das Aves you will find an aviary created in tribute to one of the richest biomes of Brazil, housing birds adapted to an aquatic environment, such as scarlet ibis and egrets, in addition to toucans, red-legged seriemas and many other species.

Forest Aviary

The Atlantic Rainforest is a dense forest, humid and with big biodiversity. It covers the entire area of the Iguassu National Park. Many species of birds live in the different layers of this amazing biome. Come and meet the curassows looking for fruits and insects on the ground, the jays and thrushes singing on the branches and the piping-guans and toucans watching everything from the treetops.

Paradise of Golden Parakeets

The Golden parakeet is considered one of the emblematic birds of Brazil. They possess the colors of the Brazilian flag and live in small populations in the Amazon region, inhabiting the highest treetops. In the Parque das Aves you have the unforgettable opportunity to experience the largest colony of golden parakeets under human care of the world.

Reptile Refuge

Did you know that birds are closely related to reptiles in evolutionary terms? So that you can learn a little more about this group, the Parque das Aves has put together a stimulating habitat where you can observe some of the amazing reptiles of Brazilian’s fauna, such as boas, iguanas, alligators and the fearsome Anaconda.

Refuge of the Harpy Eagles

The Harpy eagle, with its majestic stance and unmatched strength, is the most powerful bird of prey in the world. She lives in the treetops of the dense forest from Southern Mexico to the Northeast of Argentina. In the Parque das Aves you find the largest aviary for breeding of harpy eagles on display in the world.

Macaw Aviary

In Brazil live many species of macaws and you can meet many of them here in the Parque das Aves. Immerse yourself in a dawn of colours created by several species of macaws and parrots in this walk-through aviary, in which you can feel very closely the presence of birds flying around you.

Kingdom of the Butterflies

Some cultures believe that when a butterfly lands on you, it’s a sign of good news. Come and be dazzled by this constant metamorphosis in a delicate and charming aviary, shared by numerous species of butterflies and hummingbirds that will change your life.

Interaction with Macaws

You could feel them from up close in our aviaries, flying over you. But at the end of your walk in the Park, you can have an unforgettable memory with a macaw, that can land on your arm so you can take a picture.

Attention: The interaction with the macaws is free of charge and available from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays) only at the following times*:

From 8:30am to 12pm / From 1pm to 3:20pm / From 3:40pm to 6pm

*The availability of this attraction is subject to animal well-being assessment.

Tree of Life

Do you know the story of the Tree of Life? In the Parque das Aves you can find the representation of this legendary tree from norse mythology which provides a lesson about human ambition and the preservation of nature.


The Parque das Aves is one of the few places where you can be face to face with the cassowary, a solitary and territorial bird that, when provoked, can become extremely aggressive, which has earned it the title of "the world's most dangerous bird" in the Guinness Book of Records.


The owls are the lords of the night and more than 20 species can be found in Brazil flying around after the sunset. In the Parque das Aves you can observe some of these wonderful species in broad daylight.


After a lovely tour, there is nothing better than sitting in a pleasant environment and enjoying a delicious meal. The Restaurant at the Parque das Aves has a fantastic view of the Lake of Flamingos, where the birds continue to amaze all visitors.

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