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Shelter & Recovery

50% of our birds have been rescued by the Environmental Police, Federal Police and by IBAMA (the Brazilian environment agency).

About 50% of our birds come from seizures made by the Environmental Police, Federal Police and by IBAMA. These animals are rescued from environments of mistreatment, trafficking and illegal possession; others come from Rehabilitation Centers and Sorting of Wild Animals. We have also received feeble birds who have suffered accidents and birds chicks that were delivered to the environmental organizations after falling from their nests.

Here, all these animals receive a home with the best conditions for their species, healthy eating, proper environment and social life with other birds to keep them as close as possible to the conditions of their natural environment.

Many of the birds that arrive are physically very frail: with clipped wings, beaks and limbs partially amputated, blind and unable to fly. These animals are usually not accepted by other zoos, since they need special care and hardly reproduce. They are often rejected by institutions, since their appearance is not considered appropriate for display. At Parque das Aves, they have access to treatment, shelter and care, even when they are not on display.

Our Bird Hospital is well-designed with high-quality equipment, trained professionals who love what they do and with the support of internationally renowned experts.

Our team of vets, biologists and zookeepers dedicate daily to care for the birds that arrive here. Evaluated by IBAMA as unfit to return to nature, they need much more beyond the veterinary treatment. Therefore, we create environments that simulate the habitat of each species, in aviaries built in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest, the original habitat of most of these birds. Everything is done to offer them the best living conditions.

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